Episode 117 – Interview with Chris Webb

This is episode 117 recorded on September 5th, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Chris Webb, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft on the Power BI CAT Team, about Power Query, data consulting, community efforts, and his new shiny new job at Microsoft.

User Voice Picks


Edit Data Table From Relationship View window

In the current relationship view window we can delete a data table from the model.

It would be nice to right click on the data table and click edit query for the underlying table. This would immediately open up the query editor for data table changes.

Today you have to switch views to the table view, and click edit table. or navigate to the edit queries button and click edit queries. Doing this opens the queries, but you still have to navigate to the table you want to change.


Memory consumption indicator

There should be a way embedded into the Power BI Desktop or to the Power BI Service to figure out the actual uncompressed memory footprint.

This doesn’t seem to be rocket science, and would save a lot of headache. It would allow analysts to discover how inefficient their data models are. It would ultimately help the Power BI infrastructure as well by helping people to avoid loading the Power BI servers with unnecessary workload.


Episode 116 – Interview with Marco Russo

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This is episode 116 recorded on September 5th, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Marco Russo about Analysis in general, community efforts, and his new book, The Definitive Guide to DAX, 2nd edition.

Show Notes

Marco’s latest book on Amazon – The Definitive Guide to DAX (2nd Edition)

SQL BI site

Marco’s blog

Guy in a Cube Power BI courses – Use the code “bifocal10” for a 10% discount

User Voice picks


Power BI Service recognize local time zone for TODAY() and NOW() time intelligence functions

As of now, the reports that I create on desktop utilize a lot of time intelligence functions and relative date filters. This is completely fine so long as I view the report on the desktop. Once I publish the report up to the service and then utilize those visuals in dashboards I run into this issue. All of my time intelligence functions (TODAY & NOW) and relative date filters convert to UTC.

This issue causes my data to roll over to the next day 5 hours early which affects all of my subscriptions.

It would be absolutely fantastic if Power BI service could recognize local time zone or even if we could manually set our time zone so that these measure work correctly.


Compare two Queries – Columns

I would like to have the ability to do a “compare tables” or “compare queries” option.

I understand that there are visuals/queries I can build to compare the DATA within two separate queries but I want to compare the two queries. I want to know how many columns are in TableA versus how many are in TableB and which column names are different from each other. When I have two tables with 150 columns (give or take) and they are allegedly a copy of each other I want to be able to confirm that all 150 in columns in TableA match all 150 columns in TableB and that I don’t have 10 unique columns in each query that just happen to come up to 150.

It would be nice to get a row count difference at the same time, but I do know that I can do the count rows to get that number of each.


Episode 115 – August 2019 Power BI Desktop Update and News

This is episode 115 recorded on August 29th, 2019 where John & Jason talk about the latest News, Ignite update & the August Power BI Desktop news including Grouping visuals, Measure support for the Key Influencers Visual, & some new Data Connectivity.

Show Notes

August 2019 Desktop Update




Data connectivity

Template apps

Announcing custom branding for your organization

User Voice Picks

Linda Busdiecker

Enable experiencing a page, solution or site as a different user, e.g. provide the ability to impersonate a user with fewer rights

As Microsoft increasingly supports tailored experiences, we need the ability to operate as a user with equivalent or fewer credentials, including just not being the person who added information.

For example, a site owner who made updates to a site is seeing Updated Pages (with explicit pages underneath) in the left navigation, but has no rights to remove the navigation and didn’t realize that other people weren’t seeing those pages.

Another case was where the SCA had no issue opening a document with embedded documents, but it would not open for site owners and contributors.

In our on-prem environment, I was able to use a test account and assign it with certain rights to verify that those users were going to get the experience I intended, and I was able to do that with a test account. In the SharePoint Online world, for an out-of-the-box solution I’d need a second licensed account for testing in production.

Checking permissions to a site, list, library or item helps, but just isn’t enough for testing the experience on a page in or in a solution.

A potential way to implement this would be to allow me to click on the name I’m logged in as, and in addition to About Me, Sign Out and Personalize this Page, have an option to impersonate a specific user (who has fewer or equivalent rights to me) or a certain level of rights (equivalent to or less than the rights I have).

Some developers in teams help test each other’s solutions, changing who has what rights, but for those of us who largely work independently, we don’t have that luxury.

Paul Schaeflein

Group queries under fields pane in the same way as in query editor, and able to hide groups from user

In the query editor, queries can be grouped (and sub grouped). However, back to Power BI desktop, under the Fields pane, the queries are listed without grouping. Need to retain the same grouping.
Also, when publish the dataset, need to be able to hide some query groups from the user.

Similar to “Add Folders to organize fields

Episode 114 – Live from SharePoint Fest Seattle with Chris Finlan

Chris Finlan on BIFocal

This is episode 114 recorded on August 21st, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Chris Finlan, Principal Program Manager for Power BI, about his experience at SPFest, whats new and exciting in Power BI, and some specifics around Paginated Reports in Power BI.

Show Notes

Get Paginated Reports into Power BI Pro – User Voice

Apply to work with the Power BI team

Episode 113 – Summer News Round-Up

This is episode 113 recorded on August 14st, 2019 where John & Jason recap all the news that fit to hear from Summer 2019 like Sending refresh notifications to others, Paginated Reports August 2019 Feature Update, Power BI Premium new capacity settings allow for more control over datasets, and more.

Show Notes

Multiple data source definitions on the On-premises data gateway for the same data source

Sending refresh notifications to others

Gateway Management on Admin Center

Aggregations for petabyte-scale BI is generally available!

Power BI Premium – Know What Your Premium Capacity Can Handle

Announcing the New Filter Experience

Power BI introduces service availability notifications

Introducing the new look for Power BI Service

Microsoft a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms

New Power BI Region in South Africa!

Power BI Developer community June & July update

Paginated Reports August 2019 Feature Update – Report Builder Update, SaaS embedding support and what’s coming soon

Help improve Power BI – Copy vs. Export Survey

Connecting Azure Analysis Services to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Power BI Premium new capacity settings allow for more control over datasets

Access on-prem Report Server from your Power BI Mobile app with Azure Active Directory Application Proxy

Power BI Service and Mobile July 2019 feature summary

User Voice Picks


Pass SSO user credentials through the Power BI gateway

We need the user SSO credentials to be passed through Gateway connections to Denodo Data Virtualisation layer to be able to securely federate our data/analytics report queries


Connect PBI Desktop to multiple PBI Online Datasets

Currently, once you connect to a Power BI Service/Online Dataset you cannot add additional data sources. We have several datasets we’d like to put in the same report, but can’t because they are over the 1GB limit on size. If we could live-connect to them all in Power BI Desktop this would help.

Episode 112 – Changing the Laws of Physics with Christian Wade

This is episode 112 recorded on August 7st, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Christian Wade, Senior Program Manager for Analysis Services at Microsoft, about Power BI in the Enterprise, the updates to Aggregations feature, upcoming major performance enhancements, and more.

User Voice Picks


Customize visible items in new filter experience

The standard slicers have now a visual level filter, but the new filter experience does not have a similar feature. A correspondent “visual level filter” allowing to define conditions that make an item visible or not. in the new filter experience. The reasons are the same that justified visual level filter in standard slicers.


Hyperlink in Visuals

You should be able to insert a hyperlink field into a visual so when a user selects on the visual, it can take them to the desired page.

Episode 111 – July 2019 Power BI Desktop Update

This is episode 111 recorded on August 1st, 2019 where John & Jason talk about the latest update to Power BI Desktop including Icon sets for table and matrix, Aggregations now being generally available with RLS support, and the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 connector.

Show Notes

New look for the Power BI Service now available

PBI Desktop July 2019




Data connectivity

Data preparation

User Voice Picks


Theme editor

What else to say…

PBI Theme editor is needed to Create new / Edit current theme.

Thank you!


Custom theme colors for Conditional Formatting dialog box

If you switch to a custom theme, the conditional formatting dialog still shows the default theme colors. It would be nice to have the custom theme colors in the conditional formatting color-pickers.

Episode 110 – All About Ignite with Anna Chu

This is episode 110 recorded on July 25th, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Anna Chu from Microsoft about all of the opportunities available for community participation at this year’s Microsoft Ignite Conference.

Show Notes

Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 call for community content

Microsoft Ignite 2019 call for community champions

Microsoft Ignite 2019 call for community reporters

Episode 109 – Interview With Reid Havens

This is episode 109 recorded on July 18th, 2019 where John & Jason review some community news, and John interviews Reid Havens of Havens consulting about the Power BI community, consulting in the Power BI world, and template apps.

Show Notes

Matt Allington’s post on scaling capacity up and down

Phil Seamark’s post on speeding things up if you use “contains” in DAX

Phil Seamark’s post on speeding up DirectQuery

Guy In A Cube – No code REST APIs

User Voice Picks


Support AVRO file format

It would be great if Power BI could read files in AVRO format from Azure Blob Storage


Allow ‘Search’ within slicer filtering for non-text attributes

Text attributes can be ‘searched’ within report slicers. However, integers cannot. For example, if someone wants to quickly find and slice by a Customer Id, it is very cumbersome right now – lots of scrolling. A simple search by Customer Id (as an integer) within the slicer would make it much faster and a better user experience

Episode 108 – Interview with Justyna Lucznik

This is episode 108 recorded on July 12th, 2019 where John & Jason interview Justyna Lucznik, Program Manager on the Microsoft Power BI team, about the Machine Learning abilities in Power BI, the announcements around AI & ML at MBAS and what is still to come.

User Voice Picks


Ability to execute R and/or Python scripts on data model data in DAX expressions

Expose a generic function in DAX that takes R/Python script as a parameter to run on data model data. This enables real advanced analytics in Power BI.


Add labels to Key Influencers

1. Add data labels to Key Influencers so we can see which data points are the outliers.

Currently, the only way to know is to filter categories out, or to do a scatter plot of the 2 variables under consideration. Not practical when having many key influencers.

2. Add color and size options for the graphical view of the influencers, similar to the Scatter Plot visual


3. Add the ML capability to show clusters in the data, in addition with the awesome decision tree for the top segments.


Machine Learning Models for Pro Users

Please extend Machine Learning capabilities to pro users. Small to Medium sized business may not have the employee count to justify enterprise licenses, but we can still benefit from general capability advancements in the Power BI service/product offering.